In this 5 part beginners guide to winging video series, we’ll take you from zero to hero, starting from the beach to gliding above the water. With tried and tested teaching methods and techniques from foil coach Sam Ross coupled together with clear visuals from our on-water team, we’ll make your learning experience rewarding, simple, and fun.

“What sets this apart from other content is this really shows you how. With easy to follow steps, I’m confident we’ll get you up and flying in no-time.”

Sam Ross

Lesson One: Learning Wing Basics & How TO Handle the Wing on the Beach

We start at the beach with kit setup and orientation. How to inflate the wing and leave it safely. Then we’ll look at parts of the wing, such as the power and neutral handles, Struts, window and leash.

Where a lot of people struggle is they take to the water too early, and don’t have success in flying the wing efficiently. Here we’ll do some exercises which really sets you up well before we take to the water.

  • Wind awareness
  • Walking with Power
  • Leaving equipment

Lesson Two: Learning to Wing Surf

Once we’re comfortable controlling the wing on the beach, we’ll look at combining the kit on the water. We’ll start with a large floaty board, so we can concentrate on honing our wing skills.

  • Launching, landing & self-rescue – paddle out
  • Kneeling across the wind with a basic turn.
  • Hold the neutral handle
  • Tack and gybe
  • Standing up across the wind with turns
  • How the board steers, center of effort and centre of lateral resistance.
  • Standing up and basic steer
  • Upwind and downwind
  • Progressing with powered turns

Lesson Three: Learning to Wing Foil

Now we’ve mastered wing surfing we’ll look to progress onto wing foiling. We will need to change the kit. The boards are typically smaller and of course, we’re adding a foil.

In this video, we’ll cover the following aspects to learn wing foiling:

  • Foil setup, different foil tuning for more and less lift, how the foil attaches to the board, sizes
  • Launching, landing self-rescue with foil
  • Getting to your feet with a small board
  • Riding off the foil
  • First flights
  • Sustaining flights/adjusting height
  • Pumping
  • Upwind / downwind
  • Gybing
  • Riding switch/ foot change

Lesson Four: Wing Foil Progression

We’ve covered the basics of wing foiling – now we’ll look at how to progress! Smaller kit, Faster turns, riding waves, learning to jump and some basic freestyle.

In this wing foil progression foil video from the FreeWing how-to series, we’ll cover the following topics:

  • Foil setup
  • Smaller boards
  • Foiling turns
  • Jumps
  • Freestyle
  • Riding Waves

Lesson Five: Know Your Gear

The correct gear is paramount to a good Wingfoil experience. When you’re just starting out, the correct gear will help you to improve your rate of progression.

In this video from the FreeWing how-to series, we will look at all the various aspects of wingfoiling equipment required for winging and dive into details on various aspects of this gear.

In this video, we cover:

  • Board Selection
  • Leashes
  • Straps
  • The Foil
  • Front Wings
  • Foil Mast
  • Rear Wing
  • Foil Position
  • Foil Straps